SATINAL installed the second EVA-film production line in Italy and launches STRATO® COLOUR

Satinal never stops innovating: during the difficult 2020 pandemic-year the technical team worked hard and successfully installed the second EVA-film production line in Italy. At the same time, the R&D team developed new products and now introduces the innovative STRATO® COLOUR product range.

In its growth path to become market leader, Satinal invests in the enhancement of production capacity and flexibility thanks to the second new production line installed in its manufacturing plant in Italy: this way, the company adapts its response to the growing demand and its flexibility in deliveries.

Not only investments, but also research and development activities. The radical product innovation from the S-LAB laboratory is the new color range STRATO® COLOUR: color becomes freedom, creative elegance, transparency and brilliance in the latest collection of STRATO® COLOUR interlayers for glass lamination, designed to reflect the global trends of the modern world.

SATINAL, faithful to its vocation as a market innovator, launches the line of transparent colored EVA films, suitable for high-end indoor and outdoor applications.
All the Italian quality of safety glass with STRATO® EVA interlayers is now available for architects and designers also in 4 transparent colors designed for the contemporary and to reflect global color trends:

  • Comfort Bronze, to express comfort, kindness, human care, to finally gain the trust of the customer.
  • Sky Gray, to express a shift from global efficiency to local resilience, the disruption of global supply chains and decoupling economies. To express a new balance between daily working hours and time for oneself, in this new world where past habits have been disrupted.
  • Local Light Blue, to express pride in supporting local brands and a renewed localism: your purchase is produced locally. Support to human-to-human relations, a new human dimension of the post-pandemic world.
  • Nature Green: to respond to the new trends of sustainability, green, proximity to nature and changes in our habits: a revolution of what we do and how we do it. It expresses a new concept of home-office, integrated with nature.

The mechanical performances remain unchanged from the STRATO® CLEAR range, such as the anti-burglary, adhesion to glass, acoustic insulation and UV resistance properties, shielding up to 99% of UV rays.

All this thanks to the intense Research and Development activity of the SATINAL laboratory, S-LAB.
Thanks to the quality of SATINAL’s EVA film, the colors have an extreme durability over time, they remain stable giving light and charm to the project.

This prodigious collection has all the advantages of safety glass on the facade, such as resistance to atmospheric agents, weathering, safety in the event of impact, protection against UV rays and acoustic insulation qualities from the external environment.
In interior and exterior architectural projects, the new colors are added to the STRATO® DECORATIVE range, which includes products such as:

STRATO® SATINATO: it makes the glass very elegant, refined and adaptable to any type of environment and internal or external element.  Furthermore, it gives the glass a special and charming privacy effect.

STRATO® LEGGERO: formulated to make glass with a slightly satin finish, with a special see-through effect. It allows natural light to freely cross the environments of homes and offices, at the same time safeguarding privacy. It is functional and adapts to any type of application.

STRATO® BIANCO: the ideal solution for designers who want to create bright-white glass elements. It gives rooms a sense of brightness, as well as amplifying the sense of space. It guarantees uniform color and coverage, while giving character to classic safety glass.

STRATO® LATTE: it gives the glass a glossy, milky-white effect. It captures and diffuses the light in the environment, without creating reflections. It is the perfect solution for all those products that are used in environments that require a soft diffusion of light.

STRATO® NERO: par excellence, it is the color of elegance, it gives surprising effects, guaranteeing an always appreciated refinement and uniqueness. In addition, it gives a uniform coverage to the glass.

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SATINAL on GlassWelt (Germany, n. 1/2021)

SATINAL, The italian Ecosystem for safety glass Manufacture.
Innovation, technological research, high-performance polymeric interlayers, Industry 4.0 machinery for the glass industry.
We tell about our continuous growth in the international press. On GlassWelt (1/2021), the first trade magazine in Germany and in German-speaking countries, our news and our new website.
Inside the magazine, an extensive article that talks about the past, present and future of a company in continuous growth.

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SATINAL on GlassTechnology International (n. 1/2021)

SATINAL, The italian Ecosystem for safety glass Manufacture.
Innovation, technological research, high-performance polymeric interlayers, Industry 4.0 machinery for the glass industry.
We tell about our continuous growth in the international press. On GlassTechnology International (1/2021) our news and our new website.
Inside the magazine, an extensive article that talks about the past, present and future of a company in continuous growth.

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Satinal is proud to announce that STRATO® interlayer is now the first EVA film approved for use in Dade County Florida and meets its toughest standards: STRATO® has passed the weathering and flammability requirements that have been set and mandated by Dade County Florida to allow the sale of the product in the windborne debris zone.

STRATO® is the first and only EVA film which received the Notice of Acceptance (NOA) approval. Before buying a product, glaziers and system designers should check that the interlayer has been truly certified. In this specific case, it is possible to search the Miami Dade’s database for products, certificates and listings that have been approved complying with the Florida Building Code, including the High Velocity Hurricane Zone.

The sample of laminated glass (33.1) with STRATO® EVA interlayer successfully passed the following tests:

  • ASTM G155-13 | Xenon weathering
  • ASTM D638-14 | Tensile strength
  • ASTM D1929-10 | Self ignition temperature
  • ASTM D2843-10 | Average Smoke density
  • ASTM D635-10 | Average liner burning rate – Average extent of burning – Average smoke density

Damage to glazing systems can be prevented, or at least minimized, by using glazing that have been designed to resist wind and windborne debris forces specified in the building code. Impact-resistant systems provide protection through the use of laminated glass with STRATO® EVA interlayer. As a result, architects now have the option of using an advanced high-quality glazing system in hurricane applications or other areas (interior or exterior).

Satinal continues to invest in quality in order to offer the market a product that can be safely used in a variety of applications and in compliance with the different building codes: STRATO® is now certified according to European (UNI EN ISO), American (SGCC – ANSI) and Miami Dade (ASTM) standards.

For further information on the certifications achieved by STRATO® please send an email to or call +39 031 870573



The world’s largest EVA film is already a reality: it is STRATO® produced in Italy by Satinal Spa.

Currently Satinal Spa is the only manufacturer of EVA films with a 2.6-meter-wide line at national and international level.

Thanks to its decades of experience gained in the field of glassmaking systems and solutions, in 2017 Satinal decided to invest in this strategic project, anticipating the recent market demands relating to the production of a larger glass than the standard size.

Thanks to the large size of the EVA STRATO® film, Satinal confirms itself as the first and only company in the world which is able to offer EVA film rolls measuring between 300 mm (12″ inches) and 2600 mm (102″ inches), responding to any need of the end customer without any additional cost and in total flexibility. The service offered by Satinal allows its customers to save production costs up to 50% thanks to the reduction of production waste.

This also makes it possible to reduce the environmental impact of plastic material discarded for sizing reasons not suitable for the glazier’s needs.

Satinal provides more cutting solutions, offering also a tailor-made service: Satinal’s customers can request to cut the EVA STRATO® film in specific dimensions, according to the type of product they need to realize.

The whole line of EVA STRATO® film is produced in Erba (Italy, CO): the in-house production guarantees to the customer the respect of high quality standards and a careful control of each steps of the process.

The internal quality control allows the traceability of all production batches delivered to the customer, guaranteeing the possibility to carry out a double quality control in case of problems occurring after the lamination.

Another advantage is the easy availability of STRATO®, which is an essential requirement for a reliable and regular production process carried out by the end customer.

Producing in Italy, an important commercial crossroads in Europe, means short delivery times for the final customer.

Satinal is also able to manage the last-minute urgency, organizing fast shipments all over the country and abroad.

The presence of its own warehouses and offices in North America, South America and the Middle East facilitates a wider distribution of the material.

Therefore, glass professionals have the guarantee of an easily and constantly accessible product, overcoming the stock shortage problem.

STRATO® is synonymous of reliability and quality: it is the safest choice for laminated safety glass production.

Satinal’s technicians are at complete disposal to guide companies through the entire lamination process of glass with STRATO® EVA film.

Get free advice by writing an E-Mail at or calling +39 031 870573.

Take a look at the advantages provided by the Satinal Group:


STRATO® is a brand belonging to Satinal S.p.a., a Family Business with more than 50 years of history and experience in the glass industry


Experience is supported by a civil liability insurance for third parties


European standard certifications and quality controls


S-Lab is Satinal’s internal engineering, technical, development and testing department at the service of the customers. Satinal invests annually in Research and Development activities to ensure the highest quality on the market and develop new products.


STRATO® products have several certificates released by external certified laboratories and invests many resources every year to make sure its products meet the highest market challenges


STRATO® is the widest range and variety of EVA Films for architectural solutions on the market at a global scale


STRATO® is the solution chosen from architects for the laminated safety glass. Satinal has proven to be a market leader in the solutions offered to its customers



The use of glass in the construction sector has grown rapidly: new buildings are often designed with glass facades or large windows that give an immediate sense of modernity.

The risk, however, is that there will be problems in terms of living comfort, because it is possible that the interiors, with greater exposure to the sun, might overheat, especially during the summer season.

Solar control is therefore essential to ensure a comfortable indoor temperature and is also important for energy saving.

It is for this reason that Satinal has developed STRATO® FRESCO, a new generation of high performance EVA film using nanoparticle technology.

FRESCO is designed to give laminated glass more efficient solar heat control properties than monolithic transparent glass and laminates with traditional transparent EVA film: the film absorbs UV rays and infrared energy (NIR), allowing maximum visible light transmission.

The graphic clearly shows this concept: a laminated glass with EVA film without protection

UV-IR (yellow line), has a high transmission of visible light but allows to pass both UV rays,

very harmful to people and objects, and Infrared rays.

Click on the chart to enlarge

However, if we analyse the behaviour of a laminated glass with one (blue line), two (line orange), or three films (grey line) of STRATO® FRESCO, you will notice that the value of the transmission of the visible light (max 80%), is opposite to that of the infrared rays (min. 5%).

These characteristics are very important because they let you recreate in buildings, houses and apartments, a comfortable indoor environment, especially during the summer season.

By reducing the use of air conditioning, you will get economic benefits – reduction of electricity costs – and also environmental – reduction of greenhouse gas emissions-.


SOLAR CONTROL AND ENERGY SAVING2021-01-13T14:06:31+00:00


This first quarter of 2020 has been quite an important time for Satinal, as it has announced the introduction of its most recent new product – STRATO® PLUS, developed entirely in-house and tested throughout 2019.

The R&D department of the Satinal has always been an essential component of the success of STRATO®. In fact, the DNA of the STRATO® brand has been built on the scientific background and know-how of Satinal’s technicians.

The Satinal’s goal is not only to make a Made in Italy EVA film that guarantees easy product tracing and consistent quality, but also to make it state-of-the-art.

A new thermosetting and transparent product

The S-Lab in-house laboratory is made up of a team of specialists who develop and evaluate new formulas to make high quality products, which can meet the changing needs of the market. As a result, Satinal has formulated a new thermosetting and transparent product, STRATO® PLUS: the Non-Plus-Ultra of EVA films for the architectural glass market.

Top quality, higher than any other product on the market, is the key feature of this new product. STRATO® PLUS meets the needs of customers identified during the production and marketing of the other products included in the STRATO® range.

During 2019, Satinal’s Research & Development department was dedicated to the formulation of this new product, as well as to its detailed technical evaluation in order to ensure its best performance on the market.


On one hand, STRATO® PLUS has a higher degree of smoothness and elasticity than STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO: this allows the customers to laminate special inserts such as LCD (Smart Glass), PET or fabrics without problems of distortions or air bubbles ensuring, at the same time, the highest degree of transparency even with low temperature lamination.

On the other hand, STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO is the most stiff EVA film on the market and is the perfect solution for applications that require high levels of stiffness and impact resistance.

The higher stiffness of STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO also minimizes the EVA leakage from the edges of the glass during the lamination process, allowing easier cleaning after lamination.

Noise reduction

STRATO® PLUS and STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO provide excellent noise reduction properties and, on request, Satinal shares the detailed sound performance data of laminated glass with STRATO® product range (obtained from certified external laboratories). They are both suitable for outdoor applications as well as for interior design, thanks to their resistance to UV rays and weathering, which can instead damage other products that are similar to STRATO® but with a lower quality, causing unwanted yellowing effects.

STRATO® PLUS has a UV cut of at 360 nm compared to the traditional STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO that blocks 100 per cent UV rays up to 385 nm. This feature allows to achieve a higher degree of clarity in order to satisfy the requirement of having a completely natural and neutral looking glass.

ISO 9001 certification

Another important goal for Satinal is the achievement of ISO 9001 certification which demonstrates its commitment to constantly guaranteeing the highest quality products on the market. Satinal started all the activities of standardization and finalisation of the in-house production processes in January 2020, with the aim of achieving the certification by the end of the year.

Satinal collects a sample of each item produced and delivered to customers in order to promptly check any problems encountered by the end user. This allows to make double quality checks and to establish the true causes of post-laminating problems should they occur. Furthermore, the strict quality controls during the production process ensure the provision of high-quality products in compliance with the standards required.

Colours, solar control and maximum widths

With the launch of STRATO® PLUS, in addition to the rest of the STRATO® colour range and STRATO® FRESCO – the first and only solar control EVA film on the market – Satinal confirms itself as the only company in the world that is able to produce and offer to the market a wide range of EVA film which can satisfy all customers needs and which can be used in different applications. STRATO® is also the only EVA film available with a maximum width of 2,600 mm (102 inches).

In the S-LAB department, Satinal develops technical tests related to processing methods, and testing of mechanical performances according to the reference standards, in addition to chemical studies and formulations of new products.

Collaboration with furnace manufacturers

With the help of TK’s consolidated experience in the construction of furnaces, Satinal has studied laminating cycles with specific temperatures and times, suitable for the whole STRATO® product range. As a consequence, STRATO® PLUS also follows well-established laminating recipes, but it has the peculiarity of being processed even at low temperatures, which are essential for the production of special products such as Smart Glass (LCD), ensuring a high level of transparency.

Satinal makes its know-how available to all customers and offers assistance to professionals in the glass sector, both in selecting the most suitable type of EVA film and in the laminating cycle to be applied.

In-house testing for customers

Satinal’s customers can also request to carry out tests in the in-house S-Lab, such as resistance to high temperatures and humidity, impact tests (according to the requirements of UNI EN ISO 12543, 12600, 356, etc.), light transmission tests, glass adhesion tests, cross-linking tests, etc.

These tests can be carried out on samples of laminated glass with STRATO® or with the addition of inserts, and they are useful for a first compatibility and resistance evaluation.

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Satinal produces in Italy the first anti-collision EVA film for bird-friendly applications thanks to the development of its own exclusive extrusion technology.

STRATO® Bird Friendly is the first innovative and unique EVA interlayer on the market: it makes it possible to obtain a laminated safety glass characterized by lines, dots or patterns, recognizable by birds that, consequently, will avoid colliding against the glass.

Satinal has created the design of these effective patterns in its R&D Laboratory, based on studies carried out by international Associations and Laboratories that have been analysing the flight and behaviour of birds for several years. Some tests have shown that birds avoid flying through horizontal spaces less than 2″ (5 cm) high or through vertical spaces 4″ (10 cm) wide or less.

These guidelines are commonly known as the “2×4 rule”, but actually there are exceptions resulting from research conducted on specific species.

This new range of EVA interlayers, has been designed by Satinal with the aim to raise awareness of designers, glaziers, architects etc. by encouraging them to use the right tools to reduce the problem.

Laminated glass with STRATO® Bird Friendly EVA interlayers will not only limit bird collisions, but will also provide several advantages:

  • Benefit 100% of the advantages given by laminated safety glass with EVA film
  • Buy the quantity needed for a specific project (no minimum order quantity)
  • Any customed size available at no extra cost
  • Incredible cost savings production using standard float glass for lamination
  • Avoid expensive stocks of big quantities of non-standard float glass
  • Customize the EVA film with the pattern requested by the designer or architects
  • Combine the Bird Friendly line with other STRATO® products to create glasses with additional benefits (e.g. solar control)
  • High visible light transmission
  • High weather resistance due to the properties of STRATO® EVA film
  • Visual continuum (selected patterns do not disturb the view)
  • Full protection against UV rays

There are many factors that affect the selection of a product that makes glass bird safe: by choosing an interlayer from the STRATO® Bird Friendly collection to laminate the glass, its transparency and reflection can be reduced.

Birds do not recognize glass as an obstacle because it is a transparent and reflective material.

Transparency, sometimes, can be a problem even for man: in fact, it happens not to notice the presence of a door or a glass wall. However, man is able to recognize details such as handles, uprights and fixtures, thus avoiding collision.

Unfortunately, birds do not have this kind of perception and they are also attracted by plants, food, water etc. placed inside or outside the rooms that they see through glass.

Another aspect, in addition to transparency, is the reflection of light: depending on how and where the glass element is positioned – for example in relation to the sun, the surrounding environment, internal light levels etc. – it can look like a dark passage that birds might mistakenly see as a usual space between branches and leaves. Moreover, glass can act as a mirror: reflecting the sky, clouds or vegetation around buildings, it attracts birds and this effect is the most frequent trigger of the impact.

With STRATO® Bird Friendly you can get a product created by humans but designed for nature, without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal.

For further information, please send an email at or call +39 031 870573

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The complete range of STRATO® EVA interlayers is characterized by its excellent sound insulation properties. This makes it possible to produce laminated glass with higher performance than other interlayers on the market, minimizing the weight of the glass structure and maximizing the acoustic comfort of the environment.

In both residential and commercial environments, it is good to pay a lot of attention to the design of glass elements because they play a key role.

A laminated glass with STRATO® EVA film is able to ensure acoustic insulation of both the internal environment from external noise (e.g. building windows) and the external environment from internal noise (e.g. open-plan meeting rooms).

The study and implementation of the technological solutions adopted by Satinal for the production of the STRATO® EVA interlayer have led to a significant improvement in the technical performance of the range. In fact, it is possible to obtain an important reduction in noise exposure in the private and professional environment, so as to improve the level of personal comfort.

The noise reduction performance depends on the type of interlayer/glass assembly used, which will have to be adapted according to requirements.

Noise is an acoustic sound that causes an unpleasant, annoying or intolerable sensation. It could become an important stress factor, causing difficulties in communication, reduced concentration, irritation, sleep disturbances, etc.

The logarithmic scale or level scale is used to measure sound and the measurement is expressed in decibels (dB). The range of sounds is between 0 and 130 dB and the various levels correspond indicatively to:

0 dB – absolute silence

18 to 20 dB – barely audible

40 to 50 dB – normal conversation

60 to 70 dB – road traffic

from 90 to 100 dB – jackhammer

Over 100 and up to 130 dB can be assimilated to aircraft noise; in this range the sound is unbearable and even painful.

In an external Laboratory, Satinal commissioned specific tests on samples of laminated glass with STRATO® EVA film in different thicknesses. The tests were carried out according to European standards:

– EN ISO 10140-1:2016 Acoustics – Laboratory measurements of sound insulation of building elements – Part 1: application rules for specific products

– EN ISO 10140-2:2010 Acoustics – Laboratory measurements of sound insulation of building elements – Part 2: measurement of airborne insulation

– EN ISO 717-1:2013 Acoustics – Rating of sound insulation in buildings and buildings elements – Part 1: Airborne sound insulation

Satinal continues to invest in product certifications in order to further increase the quality value of STRATO® and offer its customers additional reliability.

Customers can contact the Satinal Customer Service Department ( to request the report of the results achieved.

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