Chemically tempered glass for the nautical sector: SATINAL launches the first third-party production

Boat windshield made in Italy

SATINAL, the innovation-driven Italian company operating worldwide to deliver advanced solutions for safety glass manufacture, launches the first third-party production of chemically tempered glass for the nautical sector.

Chemical temper advantages and properties

The Chemical tempering of glass is obtained by immersing the glasses to be treated in a bath of molten salts of potassium nitrate at temperatures higher than 400°C. The potassium ions (K+), contained in the salt, replace the sodium ions (Na+) inside the glass, resulting in the establishment of compression tensions over the entire surface and over the edges.

The properties of mechanical resistance to bending of a chemically tempered glass are up to 6 times higher than those of a thermally tempered glass, subjected to the same force. This particular production process, as consequence of the surface compression, increases the impact and scratch resistance.

Learn about the chemical temper process explained by Prof. Vincenzo Maria Sglavo, Full Professor of Glass Science and Technology (Department of Industrial Engineering – University of Trento) and Satinal Scientific Consultant.

The TK Chemical Temper oven is installed at Satinal headquarters and the first third-party production already started: glass with a thickness of 2 mm each, chemically tempered to be then used as a windshield in the nautical field.

After this process, the glasses were laminated using STRATO® Fresco, the EVA interlayer with solar heat control properties: it absorbs UV and NIR energy allowing the highest visible light transmission and efficient solar control. It is specifically formulated to provide thermal insulation and exceptional durability when exposed to natural weathering; it also provides excellent acoustic insulation performance.

Learn more about STRATO® Fresco

vetro temprato chimicamente per nautica

However, nautical is not the only sector in which chemical temper is applied: it can also be found in aeronautics, architecture, automotive, electronics and the military.

Any customer interested in seeing Satinal solutions is welcome to visit Satinal factory in Italy: a company where you can see under one roof STRATO® EVA film production, an operating TK Chemical Tempering plant, TK Glass Machinery manufacture and the S-Lab R&D laboratory with a wide range of testing equipment for your laminated safety glass.