With STRATO® it is possible to create effects of colours and lights to give dynamism and originality to interiors and furnishing elements.
The insertion of coloured films or other materials such as textiles, wire meshes, marble etc. in the assembly of STRATO® and glass allows to achieve chromatic and decorative effects with surprising and aesthetic results, always in line with the trends of the moment.
Every day in the “S-LAB” Research and Development area, technicians daily carry out different tests in order to manufacture a product which can be assembled with other inserts and materials and which can guarantee to architects and glass processors excellent results with their projects and installations.
With STRATO®, the first EVA-based film produced in Italy by Satinal Spa, it is possible to obtain original and trendy laminated glasses while maintaining the essential aspect of safety.
STRATO® is in fact a safety interlayer: in case of glass breakage, STRATO® prevents the dispersion of sharp splinters that are very dangerous for people.