Satinal Group: TK celebrates 10 years from the acquisition of Teknokilns full product range

The 2023 marks an important event in the calendar of TK srl: 10 years have passed since it acquired and merged the entire product range, the customer portfolio, the engineering for production and the savoir-faire of Teknokilns, an italian company founded in 1997 that developed a wide range of machinery for safety glass production.

Since then, TK srl became a renowned international player in the field of design and construction of ovens and furnaces for lamination, thermal tempering, chemical tempering and the Heat Soak Test of glass, expanding its customers base to more than 60 countries in the world.

TK srl then became part of the Satinal Group and allowed Satinal spa to get into the glass lamination business, dealing with safety glass interlayers and immediately understanding the premium qualities and aesthetic advantages of EVA interlayers; for this reason, Satinal decided to found its own brand in 2017, STRATO® EVA Interlayers, 100% made in Italy against the trend of the competitors, meeting the increasing demand and requests of architects and designers from all over the world.

A strategic goal made of great pride and satisfaction for the Bresciani Family, with an industrial heritage in the glass processing business lasting more than a century: Alfredo Bresciani, with his sons Luca and Marco, made the TK brand grown by promoting its commercial expansion in international markets, thanks to a long-term plan based on research, innovation and development, quickly becoming a renowned international player in the glass machinery market.

Nowadays, TK Glass Machinery and STRATO EVA Interlayers combined provide a 360° solution for the production of reliable safety glass and became a trusted international leader.

TK relies exclusively on the best Italian technology and European components to meet the quality standards and customer requirements, providing 100% customized solutions.

Moreover, in the recent years, a visionary project led the Bresciani Family to found “The House of Chemical Tempering“: an advanced technological learning hub for the chemical tempering and glass lamination industry.The center hosts R&D activities, tests on production lines and third-party processing: Satinal opens the doors to create new solutions that anticipate market needs. Satinal’s R&D team focuses daily on developing innovative solutions in safety glass technologies, even in collaboration with major representative researchers of University of Trento, focused on chemical tempering studies.