TK ovens lands in North America for a new Lamijet 04 installation


Satinal Group is still on a path of growth, designing and installing a new TK Lamijet oven, projected for security glass lamination.

New step, new Partnership for Satinal Group.  This time the Company has faced to a new request coming from North Carolina: designing and installing a Lamijet 04 oven, one of the best technological solutions for glass lamination, with high safety features for a wide range of applications.

TK Lamijet04 forno per laminazione del vetro


The advantages of a Lamijet 04 oven

In this specific case, Lamijet product range brings important advantages, like:

  • an intelligent heating system with infrared resistance, for an homogenous temperature all over the surface
  • STRATO® EVA lamination
  • Made in Italy silicone bags supplied
  • resistors supports with ceramic insulators to ensure electrical efficiency and reduce energy consumption

Moreover: Lamijet technology offers the possibility to regulate the vacuum according to the type of material and specific functions that allow customers to manage a high-performance oven.



This collaboration, together with the previous, means an important stage in the Company growth and its global presence.  TK srl has becoming a point of reference in designing and construction of furnaces and ovens for glass lamination, tempering, chemical tempering and, eventually, a reference in design glass lamination if related to STRATO® EVA range, a Made in Italy product (STRATO® Interlayers).