SATINAL is the name of a product “created” at the end of the sixties from Lucchini brothers, owners of a small supplying company of raw materials for the glass industry, in the area of Milan. In those years, the frosting process, discovered nearly a century before,
started spreading over especially in Italy and France, where the glass industry, very closed to lighting, cosmetics and beverage manufacturing, had an ancient tradition.

During that period, companies specialized in this kind of process had to produce on their own the frosting product with quality problems
and, above all, security risks. In fact, on the market a ready-mixed and ready for use compound did not exist. Lucchini brothers’ intuition consisted in formulating a high quality pre-mixed recipe ready for use and packed in appropriate bags easy
to handle for the operators and easy to ship throughout the world.

This is the birth of SATINAL, whose name is the union of the words “Satin” from silk satin (a textile with a surface particularly pleasing to the touch)and the first letters of the creators’ names.
At the beginning of 2000s, the new market conditions and the increasingly strict rules on security and health pushed the Lucchini
company to sell the “Satinal” formulation to the present owner, who worked on the product relaunch investing in new equipment
and human resources. Today SATINAL is a company specialized in the production of compounds for the glass industry (hollow and flat glass), with a wide range of products for every need and the possibility to create formulations “on demand”, with customers all over the world.

Starting from the first years of 2000s until today, the production is tripled and from the simple name of a product, “SATINAL” has become the name of a company , globally known in its sector.