Does STRATO® have anti-collision properties with respect to the flight of birds?

Satinal produces in Italy the first anti-collision EVA film for bird-friendly applications thanks to the development of its own exclusive extrusion technology.

STRATO® Bird Friendly is the first innovative and unique EVA interlayer on the market: it makes it possible to obtain a laminated safety glass characterized by lines, dots or patterns, recognizable by birds that, consequently, will avoid colliding against the glass.

Satinal has created the design of these effective patterns in its R&D Laboratory, based on studies carried out by international Associations and Laboratories that have been analysing the flight and behaviour of birds for several years. Some tests have shown that birds avoid flying through horizontal spaces less than 2″ (5 cm) high or through vertical spaces 4″ (10 cm) wide or less.

These guidelines are commonly known as the “2×4 rule”, but actually there are exceptions resulting from research conducted on specific species.

This new range of EVA interlayers, has been designed by Satinal with the aim to raise awareness of designers, glaziers, architects etc. by encouraging them to use the right tools to reduce the problem.

Laminated glass with STRATO® Bird Friendly EVA interlayers will not only limit bird collisions, but will also provide 100% of the advantages given by laminated safety glass with EVA film.

There are many factors that affect the selection of a product that makes glass bird safe: by choosing an interlayer from the STRATO® Bird Friendly collection to laminate the glass, its transparency and reflection can be reduced.

  1. Birds do not recognize glass as an obstacle because it is a transparent and reflective material. Transparency, sometimes, can be a problem even for man: in fact, it happens not to notice the presence of a door or a glass wall. However, man is able to recognize details such as handles, uprights and fixtures, thus avoiding collision.

Unfortunately, birds do not have this kind of perception and they are also attracted by plants, food, water etc. placed inside or outside the rooms that they see through glass.

  1. Another aspect, in addition to transparency, is the reflection of light: depending on how and where the glass element is positioned – for example in relation to the sun, the surrounding environment, internal light levels etc. – it can look like a dark passage that birds might mistakenly see as a usual space between branches and leaves.
  2. Moreover, glass can act as a mirror: reflecting the sky, clouds or vegetation around buildings, it attracts birds and this effect is the most frequent trigger of the impact.

With STRATO® Bird Friendly you can get a product created by humans but designed for nature, without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal.

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Does STRATO® provide performance with respect to solar control and energy saving?

Satinal has developed STRATO® FRESCO, a new generation of high-performance EVA film using nanoparticle technology.

FRESCO is designed to give laminated glass more efficient solar heat control properties than monolithic transparent glass and laminates with traditional transparent EVA film: the film absorbs UV rays and infrared energy (NIR), allowing maximum visible light transmission.

The graphic clearly shows this concept: a laminated glass with EVA film without protection UV-IR (yellow line), has a high transmission of visible light but allows to pass both UV rays, very harmful to people and objects, and Infrared rays.

However, if we analyze the behavior of a laminated glass with one (blue line), two (line orange), or three films (grey line) of STRATO® FRESCO, you will notice that the value of the transmission of the visible light (max 80%), is opposite to that of the infrared rays (min. 5%).

These characteristics are very important because they let you recreate in buildings, houses and apartments, a comfortable indoor environment, especially during the summer season.

By reducing the use of air conditioning, you will get economic benefits: reduction of electricity costs and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions-.

STRATO® FRESCO can replace low-emission glass (Low-E) because it reduces heat transmission with the advantage of not having a delicate glass to handle: it represents a cheaper solution from a processing, handling and purchasing point of view.

What are the advantages?

  • Constantly high light transmission with tunable solar heat gain coefficient as low as 0.3
  • Color neutralit
  • Low haze
  • Low reflection of visible light
  • Significant and sustainable energy savings
  • Compatible with STRATO® Extra Chiaro System
  • Lowering your energy cost and CO2 footprint of your building and car, block solar heat radiation
  • It can be easily tuned by customer to any desired solar heat performance

Where can it be applied?

  • Suited for curved glass
  • Shelters
  • Curtain walls
  • Storefronts
  • Sloped/overhead glazing
  • Residential and commercial facades
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How can I reduce the noise? How can I obtain sound insulation?

The complete range of STRATO® EVA interlayers is characterized by its excellent sound insulation properties. This makes it possible to produce laminated glass with higher performance than other interlayers on the market, minimizing the weight of the glass structure and maximizing the acoustic comfort of the environment.

In both residential and commercial environments, it is good to pay a lot of attention to the design of glass elements because they play a key role.

A laminated glass with STRATO® EVA film is able to ensure acoustic insulation of both the internal environment from external noise (e.g. building windows) and the external environment from internal noise (e.g. open-plan meeting rooms).

It is possible to obtain an important reduction in noise exposure in the private and professional environment, so as to improve the level of personal comfort.

The noise reduction performance depends on the type of interlayer/glass assembly used, which will have to be adapted according to requirements.

Noise is an acoustic sound that causes an unpleasant, annoying or intolerable sensation. It could become an important stress factor, causing difficulties in communication, reduced concentration, irritation, sleep disturbances. In an external Laboratory, Satinal commissioned specific tests on samples of laminated glass with STRATO® EVA film in different thicknesses. The tests were carried out according to European standards.

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What certifications does STRATO® EVA have for outdoor use?

Satinal continues to invest in quality in order to offer the market a product,  both transparent and colored, that can be safely used in a variety of applications and in compliance with the different building codes: STRATO® is now certified according to European (UNI EN ISO), American (SGCC – ANSI) and Miami Dade (ASTM) standards.

STRATO® interlayer is now the first EVA film approved for use in Dade County Florida and meets its toughest standards: STRATO® has passed the weathering and flammability requirements that have been set and mandated by Dade County Florida to allow the sale of the product in the windborne debris zone.

STRATO® is the first and only EVA film which received the Notice of Acceptance (NOA) approval. Before buying a product, glaziers and system designers should check that the interlayer has been truly certified. In this specific case, it is possible to search the Miami Dade’s database for products, certificates and listings that have been approved complying with the Florida Building Code, including the High Velocity Hurricane Zone.

Damage to glazing systems can be prevented, or at least minimized, by using glazing that have been designed to resist wind and windborne debris forces specified in the building code. Impact-resistant systems provide protection through the use of laminated glass with STRATO® EVA interlayer. As a result, architects now have the option of using an advanced high-quality glazing system in hurricane applications or other areas (interior or exterior).

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What are exterior end-use application of STRATO® EVA interlayers?

Laminated glass with STRATO® EVA is ideal for external applications. STRATO EVA interlayers—when properly laminated and installed—are certified to resist against humidity and water, UV radiation and any kind of weathering agent

Our EVA interlayers suit various outdoor end applications:

  • Curtain Wall
  • Storefront or commercial window
  • Street furniture and exterior structures
  • Windows

Meeting building codes and providing strength, sound reduction, solar control, visual beauty, and impact resistance for safety, security, and post-breakage performance are all attainable with laminated glass when using proper design. The multifunctional capabilities of STRATO interlayers can help meet changing guidelines and building safety codes.

In several years, laminated glass for impact resistance has demonstrated its protection capability. Now, thanks to STRATO interlayers, coupling that capability with sound control, color options, solar control enhancements, and security performance in a multifunctional glazing is not just easy to do—it’s a required option.

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What are the main applications of laminated safety glass?

The use of laminated safety glass fosters new technical solutions thanks to the ability to deploy thinner and lighter laminated safety glass panes.  The main applications of laminated safety glass are interior design and architectural, including façades, overhead glazing, balustrades, glass floors, staircases, doors and partitions.


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