On the Cannes Promenade lays a 50 sq m Technicolor pavilion totally made with laminated glass.

Made for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, it’s a courtesy of Instagram and Latvian designer Germans Ermičs already known for his work with colored glass.

The theme to follow was ‘Where The Rainbow Ends’ – it is also the title of the work – and the strong gradient tones have a faded effect with a 360-degree perspective, so technically you can reach the end of the rainbow. For Instagram, the project anchors its support of diverse cultural entities and ‘The rainbow has long been a symbol of new life and hope across cultures,’ the brand said.

Visitors can step inside to enjoy a rainbow light installation which plays across its all-white interior: the glasses are laminated with EVA film STRATO® BIANCO and they has been made by our customer VAN DIJKEN GLASS.


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