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STRATO® EVA interlayers are available in sizes from 300 mm to 2600 mm wide

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Interlayers for safety glass

STRATO® is the first EVA glass interlayer ever made in Italy. Our proprietary and innovative EVA interlayers are processed from the granular raw material into a cast film that is then used to manufacture laminated safety glass.

The production site has been the first ever located in Italy and it ensures the high standards required by a top-quality product. We operate two local branches in North and South America in order to provide a close customer service in foreign markets.

The application of the EVA film is, indeed, a sensitive process that requires precise temperatures and cycle times. The quality controls we carry out in-house are meant to ensure the perfect adhesion of the material with the glass surface. The deep expertise we have acquired in treating EVA-based materials is essential to master all their potential applications and thoroughly exploit the advantages they offer.

STRATO® EVA film is a thermosetting material. Thus, it is significantly different from the PVB film (Polyvinyl butyral), which is a thermoplastic material. The EVA film creates three-dimensional bonds at molecular level during the lamination process. The interlayer is not sensitive neither to humidity nor temperature, therefore it is not necessary to store it under controlled humidity and temperature conditions.

Being a cross-linking material, STRATO® can be used for laminating safety glass for both architectural and interior design applications without running the risk of de-lamination and yellowing over time.

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STRATO® is an innovative, ductile and versatile EVA film which can be used in architectural and interior design applications. The insertion of coloured films or other materials (such as textiles, wire meshes, marble, etc.) in the assembly of the film interlayer and the glass plates allows to achieve chromatic and decorative effects with surprising aesthetic results, always in line with the trends of the moment.

In the architectural industry – especially for the production of balustrades, stairs and shelters – the use of STRATO® is synonym of safety and security. In case of glass breakage, STRATO® glass interlayers avoid potentially harmful glass splinters.

STRATO® cross-linking chemical composition allows the internal molecules to generate tridimensional links, thus guaranteeing an additional degree of protection for all architectural elements exposed to exceptional conditions – such as, high temperatures, high humidity and weather extreme conditions.

Being applied between two sheets of glass, STRATO® also offers a full protection against UV-radiations (over 99%), preventing interior furnishings from fading.


STRATO® is available in different colours and finishings.


STRATO® is available in different colours and finishings.