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It is an ultra fast cure and PID resistant POE (polyolefin elastomer) photovoltaic encapsulating film. STRATO® POE products are crosslinkable for improved mechanical properties and light transmission compared to pure thermoplastic POEs. The same process equipment and conditions used for other PHOTOVOLTAIC PV encapsulant can be used for this product.



SATINAL’s product range of encapsulating films used in the Photovoltaic industry to laminate solar panels.
The Photovoltaic product range includes proprietary chemical formulations that guarantee high UV radiation and weathering resistance for the most severe environmental conditions.

They provide structural support, electrical insulation, protection and transparency for the photovoltaic module. Their high level of thermal stability, the result of elimination of residual tensions during manufacturing, avoids shrinkage of the material during the lamination process, thereby simplifying the process and providing additional savings. Satinal selects raw materials exclusively from European suppliers and we guarantee high light transmittance, reduced yellow index, low shrinkage and low haze reachable into the final film.

The products are provided as rolled films ready for use in thermal lamination processes and self-priming for adhesion to glass.


  • Unbeatable adhesion
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Very high gel content
  • Negligible shrinkage
  • Excellent compatibility with the remaining components of the module (backsheet, cells, ribbon, etc.)
  • Fast and simple lamination process
  • Protection against yellowing
  • PID resistant
  • For all crystalline silicon photovoltaic module constructions and thin film photovoltaic designs