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STRATO® SENTINEL is the state-of-the-art structural laminating interlayer produced by Satinal. Being compliant with EN 16613 certification, this innovative film has certified structural characteristics that ensure it is suitable to withstand large loadings without losing its rigidity and, moreover, provides other properties typical of the STRATO® products, such as transparency, UV protection, sound insulation and edge stability.

Due to the strength and stiffness of STRATO® SENTINEL interlayer, laminated glass can now sustain a higher uniform load for a given configuration and the glass thickness can be reduced while keeping the same load as compared to standard laminated glass. It provides maximum protection against strong impacts, since the breakage of the glass component does not affect the whole laminated structure.

STRATO® is certified according to European (UNI EN ISO) and American (SGGC – ANSI – Miami Dade) standards.


  • Hurricane glazing
  • Ballistic resistance
  • Facades, Glazing , Balaustrades
  • Parapet glazing
  • Open edge laminates
  • Glass Floors
  • Stairs and Balconies
  • Canopies


  • Structural post-breakage resistance across a wide range of low and high temperatures
  • Excellent open-edge stability, lowest yellowness index over time
  • Improved processing efficiency and cutting process compared to STRATO® Rigido
  • Enhanced interlayer strength – Enables over-sized glass design and thinner glass to reduce weight, cost and CO2 footprint
  • Developed for hurricane glazing, ballistic resistance, facades, balustrades, stairs and partitions