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Equipment to test the material reactions to high temperatures and high moisture, instruments for traction and adhesion tests, tools to assess material ageing due to UV-ray exposure and to measure the cross-linking degree of the interlayers – these are among the devices we use to investigate every secret of the glass behaviour and assure its efficiency.

Our in-house laboratory team is always busy carrying out tests on different kind of materials.

Tests are performed on samples of laminated glass, with or without the addition of inserts. The results provide a punctual response that is preliminary to manufacturing a finished product ready to be certified. Here is a list of the most common tests we execute:

  • Resistance to high temperature and high humidity (UNI EN ISO 12543)
  • Mechanical & impact properties (UNI EN ISO 12600 and 356)
  • UV radiation (UNI EN 12543)
  • High and low temperature tests
  • Light transmission tests
  • Glass adhesion tests
  • Cross-linking and Gel Content tests
  • Compatibility tests

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