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By choosing STRATO® Bird Friendly EVA interlayers to laminate the glass to be applied to windows, facades, handrails or walkway dividers, etc., it is possible to greatly reduce the risk of bird collisions.

Bird-window collisions are one of the main causes of avian mortality worldwide. The presence of vegetation, reflected in the window, significantly increases the probability of bird-window collisions. Moreover, the flying wildlife face increasing conflict in the airspace due to the overlapping with man-made structures.

To prevent these collisions, glass must somehow be made visible to birds. The following glass and glazing products can help minimize bird-related injuries by creating visual markers:

  • Patterned or “fritted” glass
  • Patterned films applied to glass
  • Decals applied to glass
  • Fenestration patterns of vertical and horizontal mullions
  • Decorative grilles and louvers
  • Artwork that has been incorporated into the glass
  • Special UV coatings that are almost invisible to the human eye but believed to be visible to birds.

Satinal has decided to go one step further designing the first line of bird friendly EVA interlayers that allows to combine the benefits of laminated safety glass with bird-friendly design. Satinal has developed its proprietary and unique extrusion technology in order to design different types of patterns on the STRATO® EVA film, including lines, dots and gradients which can be customized depending on the level of coverage to achieve. In addition, it is possibile to create a
custom made design e.g. netting, leaves, bird silhouettes etc.. for outstanding decorative effect.

All of these kind of patterns, inside the laminated glass, break up reflections and they are a way to deter collisions.


  • Suited for curved glass
  • Shelters
  • Curtain walls
  • Storefronts
  • Sloped/overhead glazing
  • Residential and commercial facades
  • Acoustic insulation


  • Benefit 100% of the advantages given by laminated safety glass with EVA film
  • Buy the quantity needed for a specific project (no minimum order quantity)
  • Any customed size available at no extra cost
  • Incredible cost savings production using standard float glass for lamination
  • Avoid expensive stocks of big quantities of non-standard float glass
  • Customize the EVA film with the pattern requested by the designer or architects
  • Combine the Bird Friendly line with other STRATO® products to create glasses with additional benefits (e.g. solar control)
  • High visible light transmission
  • High weather resistance due to the properties of STRATO® EVA film
  • Visual continuum (selected patterns do not disturb the view)
  • Full protection against UV rays