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The non plus ultra of the EVA films for the architectural glass market.
It provides a completely natural and neutral-looking glass thanks to its high degree of transparency and UV protection.

STRATO® PLUS has a higher degree of fluidity and elasticity compared to STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO: this allows the customers to laminate special inserts such as LCD (Smart Glass), PET or fabrics without problems of distortions or air bubbles ensuring, at the same time, the highest degree of transparency even with low temperature lamination.

STRATO® is certified according to European (UNI EN ISO) and American (SGGC – ANSI – Miami Dade) standards.

The STRATO® CLEAR range is delivered in rolls up to a width of 2600 mm.


  • Interior design
  • Outdoors and indoors
  • Open edges applications
  • Office glass partitions
  • Smart glass (LCD/PDLC)
  • Curved glass
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Railings and shelters
  • Extra clear glass (low-iron)


  • Maximum transparency
  • Low temperature processing possible
  • Minimum UV radiation transmission
  • Smooth and versatile thermoset film
  • High adhesion to glass
  • Less risk of air bubbles
  • Compatible with a wide range of inserts
  • Low Yellowing Index, even with extra clear glass (low-iron)