Satinal announces investment in STRATO® Solar PV EVA films in Italy

Satinal Spa strengthens its sustainable development plan for the photovoltaic market.

On January 2024 a new manufacturing plant will be opened in the sunny Apulia. The new hub will be dedicated to STRATO® Solar, a new division specialized in the production of EVA, POE and TPO encapsulating films for the photovoltaic industry.

The most relevant part of the plan consists in an investment to support a 4-years business plan divided into 2 stages of growth that, by 2027, aims at an extension of the production site of STRATO® SOLAR up to 20.000sqm, able to host an annual production capacity of 10 GW and it expects to create close to 100 jobs once fully ramped up.

In Erba Headqurters, STRATO®‍ SOLAR already launched the first Carbon Free and ISCC+ certified EVA encapsulant in 2023. Moreover, starting from 2024, 3 production lines of STRATO®‍ SOLAR PV Encapsulants will start to operate with an annual production capacity of 2 GW, dedicated to EVA, POE and TPO solar encapsulants.

Moreover, Erba HQ will remain the reference point for the production of STRATO®‍ glass interlayers addressed to outdoor and indoor architecture. 3 production lines will keep on running for the production of 30 million sqm Italian quality STRATO®‍ EVA films, included STRATO®‍ EVA Carbon free version, in order to continue to meet the rising demand of the international market.

Satinal’s business plan also includes an upgrading of its R&D Lab, a continuous cooperation with European leading research centres and universities. Once again, the mission of the Company remains that of consistently invest in innovation and research, the best way to offer the right mix of top-quality, alternative, sustainable and green solutions to its clients.

STRATO® Solar is an ambitious and unprecedented project that, since the first operational phase, will make STRATO® Solar a leading Company and the only one European production hub of EVA, POE and TPO encapsulating films for the photovoltaic industry.
A 100% Italian production, synonymous with quality of the selected natural and first choice materials.

A transversal business model that is progressively facing with a new and sustainable market, in order to develope a road map toward zero-carbon aspirations in 2050. In the recent years, the photovoltaic world has started to experience an important expansion, pulling the attention of players projected to invest in green and alternative energy sectors.

The new project is, in Satinal’s eyes, a green challenge already partly won, in bringing innovation while increasing the sustainability, quality and circularity of processes and products, demonstrated by obtaining important certifications.
Recently STRATO® has been object of in-depth analysis executed by SGS Italia aiming to assess the environmental profile of its product range, in terms of CO2 impact, considering life cycle of the materials and secondary products involved.

The assessment was carried out following the reference standards for life cycle analysis (ISO 14040:2006 and ISO 14044:2006).

The results obtained confirmed STRATO® EVA Carbon Free range to be the best European carbon neutral product range. STRATO® obtained the ISCC PLUS certification with a score of 1,13 [kg CO2 eq] which is an extraordinary result compared with the 4.5 [kg CO2 eq] of the best potential competitor.

Satinal SpA has been the first EVA film production site in Italy, a reference point in Europe for the supply of 100% made in Italy STRATO® EVA interlayers.

Within Satinal’s state of-the-art Research and Development Laboratory, stringent quality controls are an everyday practice. As such, the Company’s mission is to offer top-tier quality and eco-friendly products – all embraced by Satinal’s core values. This firm commitment stems from a desire to cater to a discerning clientele that’s increasingly attuned to sustainability issues while exhibiting a strong inclination towards practices of low environmental impact.

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