In the December issue of the Rivista del Vetro, Dr. Marco Bresciani – Director of Satinal Spa – talks about the importance and commitment of the Satinal Group, to ensure both high quality products and prompt replies to the demands of the market.

This is possible thanks to the presence of operating units located in strategic points – Europe, Middle East and America – which allow to make the material easily available and to deliver on time at international level.

Another strong point is the diversification of products: in fact, the same Group gathers together three main brands:

STRATO®, the only EVA film produced in Italy: it is a thermosetting material used to laminate safety glass without running the risk of de-lamination. Compared to the most common EVA films produced internationally, it stands out for its high performance in terms of clarity ( improved and without yellow effect) and treatment (less excess of material for a quick cleaning).

TK is specialized in the design and construction of furnaces for lamination, tempering, chemical tempering of glass and HST. It also offers a technical customer service that supports the customer in the design, installation, testing of machinery and after-sales.

SATINAL is an international top player in the production of chemical compounds and fosting machinery for hollow glass.

Nowadays, the Satinal Group has about 30 employees and a turnover amout of € 10.000.000, which is constantly growing.

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