Product certification, by definition, denotes the process through which a product is subjected to in order to verify that it has passed quality and performance tests.

STRATO® is already certified according to the following standards:

  • European (UNI EN ISO)
  • American SGCC (ANSI)

Moreover STRATO® has carried out the following tests in accordance with the standards of Miami Dade County and State of Florida:

  • Xenon Arc Light Weathering Test | ASTM G155 – 4500 hours
  • Tensile Properties of Plastics | ASTM D638
  • Density of Smoke | ASTM E2843
  • Rate and extent of burning | ASTM D635
  • Self-ignition temperature of Plastics | ASTM D1929
  • Weathering test 3000 hours (interior-exterior use) | ANSI Z97.1-2015 Section 5.4.3