Experience STRATO® COLOUR EVA New Collection and more.

Satinal, a leading European manufacturer of EVA film, is proud to present STRATO® COLOUR New Collection. Whether you require vibrant colors for unique aesthetics or standard options for a superior performance, STRATO® offers the ideal solution. A finest selection of Italian-certified EVA films specifically designed for safety glass lamination.

STRATO® COLOUR collection: 2024 top picks revealed

STRATO® spotlights shines on no less than 9 new tints. See how these vibrant colors can transform your next project.

A world of color at your fingertips

STRATO® EVA product range opens a whole new world of design possibilities for architects and designers. Unlike traditional colored glass limitations, STRATO® offers new solid and transparent color options, letting you to create a vast spectrum of moods and tones.

The power of combining colors

STRATO® COLOUR EVA product range started with a foundation of 6 colours and now the product range has enlarged, hosting 5 trendy tints and 4 new layered exclusive colours.

Endless design possibilities

The magic doesn’t stop here! When STRATO® COLOUR EVA interlayers are combined, design possibilities become nearly infinite. According to this, the new multilayers allow for unparalleled creative freedom to perfectly match your design intent.

STRATO® COLOUR EVA product range is then a powerful design tool used for branding, creating specific moods, and wayfinding within buildings, empowers architects and designers to leverage the emotional and functional power of color in their projects.


Let’s see a range of new transparent tints, need-based color selection according to architecture and design trends.

intercalari EVA colorati per vetri laminati di design by STRATO COLOUR

Five basic tones as follows:

  • STRATO® LAVA: Transparent Red enchants with its seductive beauty, evoking an aura of passion and sensuality. Its transparency reveals a delicate depth, creating a play of light and color that captures the eye and ignites the imagination
  • STRATO® SAND: Transparent Yellow evoking the warm and enveloping charm of the desert. Its golden shades recall the sun-kissed sand, creating a welcoming and reassuring atmosphere
  • STRATO® STORM: Transparent Purple captivates with its delicate beauty, evoking an aura of mystery and fascination. Its transparency allows light to shine through, creating a play of shades that captures the eye and sparks the imagination
  • STRATO® FOG: Transparent Black exudes an air of enigmatic elegance, captivating with its smoky depth and subtle iridescence. It allows light to pass through, revealing a hidden world of shadows and reflections that intrigue and inspire
  • STRATO® ROSE: Transparent Rose evoking the warm and inviting tints of a sunset. It is reminiscent of the soft, glowing light of the setting sun.

Alongside these, STRATO® has defined a selection of multilayer colors, result of specific laminated colour combinations, opening the doors to multiple opportunities.

  • STRATO® TANGERINE: a tone that echoes the innate desire for closeness and connection, a colour that radiates warmth and modern elegance. A shade that resonates with compassion, offers a tactile embrace, and effortlessly unites youth with timelessness
  • STRATO® MOONSTONE: a blend that creates a whimsical and enchanting color that captures the imagination
  • STRATO® AQUAMARINE: this color combination exudes sophisticated elegance, making it a perfect choice for those seeking to create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere
  • STRATO® OCEAN: this fusion of generates a vibrant harmony that evokes the freshness of nature and the energy of the sea 

vetri laminati colorati mediante pellicola EVA STRATO COLOUR di Satinal per applicazioni indoor e outdoor

STRATO® embraces harmony with nature

Drawing inspiration from muted tones that evoke tranquility and inner peace, STRATO® uses eco-friendly materials that respect the environment. Recognizing the shift in consumer preferences and the importance of sustainable practices, STRATO® has been incorporating this philosophy into its products. They achieve this by combining beautiful colors and finishes with innovative, low-environmental-impact materials.

STRATO® Carbon Free: sustainable beauty

The STRATO® COLOUR EVA new collection is Low Carbon avalaible as well, allowing creative mixing of colors and patterns, providing a multitude of design options that seamlessly blend sustainability with modern trends. The evocative names, like STRATO® Azzurro Mediterraneo (Mediterranean Blue) and STRATO® Verde Toscana (Tuscan Green), reference breathtaking natural landscapes, creating a connection for everyone.

Transparency or privacy? you choose

STRATO® offers ultimate flexibility when privacy comes as a priority. STRATO® COLOUR EVA product range can be laminated with STRATO® FROST EVA film that comes in three finishes: STRATO® LEGGERO (light), STRATO® SATINATO (satin), and STRATO® LATTE (milky). These options allow you to achieve various levels of opacity and light transmission, from a subtle effect to a more substantial barrier. STRATO® FROST EVA film evens out light distribution, eliminating unwanted reflections.

Built to last, indoors or out

Unlike some materials, STRATO® EVA interlayer films are completely unfazed by moisture, humidity, and temperature fluctuations. This makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, without any risk of delamination regardless of the weather.

A vast array of colors, sizes, and thicknesses readily available in stock, STRATO® guarantees prompt delivery worldwide. This extensive selection empowers you to find the perfect interlayer to meet your specific project requirements, eliminating delays due to inventory limitations.

Finding the perfect fit

STRATO® product range comes in a variety of sizes to suit your project’s needs. You can choose from different widths and thicknesses to ensure a perfect match. Plus, STRATO® offers convenient roll lengths for efficient storage and shipping.

Benefits with STRATO®

  • Safety First: STRATO® interlayers are instrumental in creating laminated glass, a crucial safety feature for architectural and design applications
  • Unmatched Selection: find the perfect fit for your project with a vast array of colors, sizes, and thicknesses readily available
  • Fast and Reliable Delivery: enjoy prompt worldwide delivery so you can keep your project on track
  • Italian Quality: rest assured that you’re receiving top-tier, certified EVA film manufactured in Italy

Ready to elevate your safety glass projects? Explore the world of STRATO® today!