STRATO® EVA Interlayers: noise reduction, safety and aesthetics


Interlayers for laminated glass with high sound insulation


What is the acoustic comfort?

Acoustic comfort is the well-being condition of an individual within a sound field. An acoustically comfortable environment does not present any underlying disturbances that prevent concentration on daily activities, such as office work or a conversation.

The noise level is measured in decibels (dB): on average, a comfortable noise level is about 35dB during the day and 30db during the night.


Architecture and acoustic insulation

Acoustic comfort is a fundamental component of everyday life and must therefore be taken into account in every design project, identifying possible sources of noise inside or outside the environment and ensuring proper sound insulation of buildings and structures.

It is essential to ensure proper sound insulation selecting sound-absorbing materials and systems able to reduce noise pollution.

Glass is an effective barrier against external noise, allowing people to live in a quiet environment. It reduces the harmful effects of noise and it is particularly effective in buildings near roads, railway stations and airports.

In order to optimise the acoustic comfort of buildings, laminated glass plays a key role. STRATO® EVA Interlayers are 100% made in Italy products of the highest quality with excellent acoustic performance. Laminated glass with STRATO® EVA films offer a double advantage: a better insulation of buildings from external noise and containment of sound waves from the inside out.

Sound insulation is the ideal solution to improve private and professional comfort, reducing the stress factors generated by noise pollution and increasing quality of life.

A sound insulated glass consists of two glasses coupled and laminated with STRATO® EVA, to reduce the propagation of sound between different environments. A STRATO® EVA laminated glass absorbs and weakens the sound energy and acts as a barrier against noise.


STRATO® EVA laminated glass: acoustic insulation, safety and design

STRATO® EVA laminated glass offers also high levels of safety to buildings. They provide high protection against heavy impacts: the laminated structure is not weakened even in the event of glass component breakage, thus preserving the stability and safety of the product.

The wide range of STRATO® EVA interlayers offers multiple design opportunities. For instance, a special merit goes to STRATO® EVA COLOUR range, that provides high acoustic insulation, safety properties and the possibility to customize buildings with a glamour contemporary style.


STRATO® EVA acoustic insulation: certified laboratory analysis

An external laboratory has certified levels of acoustic insulations provided by a STRATO® EVA laminated glass, according to the following standards:

  • EN ISO 10140-1:2016 Acoustics. Laboratory measurements of the sound insulation of building elements
  • EN ISO 10140-2:2012 Measurements of the sound insulation of building elements
  • EN ISO 717-1:2013 Assessments of sound insulation in buildings and its elements

Tests provided a classification of the acoustic performance of different thickness of STRATO® EVA laminated glasses. The results confirmed outstanding levels of sound insulation, even in case of STRATO® EVA laminated thinner glasses.


STRATO® EVA Carbon free: sustainable interlayers

STRATO® EVA range is also carbon free version available, an innovative portfolio of highly innovative interlayers produced in Italy through a completely sustainable raw material supply chain and an eco-friendly production process.

In 2022 STRATO® achieved the ISCC+ certification (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification), thanks to STRATO® proves itself to be an innovative and ever-growing brand, committed every day to guarantee premium quality standards (discover more).


Topics: sound insulation of SRATO® EVA laminated glasses

  • STRATO® EVA laminated glass offers excellent acoustic insulation, high level of security and aesthetic opportunities
  • STRATO® EVA can be combined with different thickness of glass, without compromising acoustic comfort and security of the surface
  • STRATO® EVA range is also available in carbon free version.


Satinal SpA has been the first EVA film production site in Italy, a reference point in Europe for the supply of 100% made in Italy STRATO® EVA interlayers.

The application of STRATO® EVA film is a process requiring great precision for the applied temperatures and cycle times. The quality controls, which are carried out in Satinal’s R&D Lab, aim to guarantee perfect adhesion of the material to the glass surface. The deep experience acquired by Satinal in the treatment of EVA-based materials is essential to master its potential applications and fully exploit their characteristics.