STRATO® FRESCO is a new generation of high- performance EVA film using nanoparticles technology and designed to give laminated safety glass more efficient solar heat control properties compared to monolithic clear glass and laminates with conventional Clear EVA film. It can replace low-emission glass (Low-E) because it reduces heat transmission with the advantage of not having a delicate glass to handle: it represents a cheaper solution from a processing, handling and purchasing point of view.

What are the advantages?

– Constantly high light transmission with tunable solar heat gain coefficient as low as 0.3

– Color neutrality

– Low haze

– Low reflection of visible light

– Significant and sustainable energy savings

– Compatible with STRATO® Extra Chiaro System

– Lowering your energy cost and CO2 footprint of your building and car, block solar heat radiation

– it can be easily tuned by customer to any desired solar heat performance

Where can it be applied?

– Suited for curved glass

– Shelters

– Curtain walls

– Storefronts

– Sloped/overhead glazing

– Residential and commercial facades

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