STRATO® is the first and only EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) based film produced in Italy in the Satinal Spa plant in Erba (CO).

It is a ductile and versatile film used to laminate two or more glass panels so as to create elements of interior design or safety glass for buildings and urban elements.

We produce in Italy to follow the quality process in the best possible way and to offer our customers the attention and care necessary to create extraordinary, design and innovative works.

These are the characteristics of our Made in Italy, a brand now recognized throughout the world.

In terms of processing, our EVA film offers important advantages compared to products of international manufacture:

  • Cleaner edges
  • Low rate of Haze
  • High light transmission
  • High compatibility with other materials

In order to respect the high Italian quality standards, we carefully select suppliers and raw materials. We also control the production operations that must follow procedures defined and supervised by specialized operators.

STRATO® is sold in rolls and is available in different colours and finishes:

EXTRA CHIARO | High transparency

LEGGERO | Light frosted

SATINATO | Matt effect

LATTE | Semi-transparent

BIANCO | Extreme coverage

NERO | Extreme coverage

FRESCO | Solar control

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