One of the potential applications of laminated glass is for the museum showcases, in fact it guarantees an excellent view of the work and at the same time provides safety and protection by reducing the risk of post-breakage injuries.
In the case of archaeological relics, the classic showcase is the floor.
The structural glass panel becomes a pedestrian walkway accessible to people, without any risk of falling.
Often, these particular floors are supported by vertical glass sheets with metal structures, which represent the delimitation of the exhibition spaces.
In detail, the glasses used in the project shown in the photo, are mm toughened and laminated with EVA STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO film, made by our customer Vetreria Misa (Via Veronese, 36 Senigallia (AN) – Italy –
STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO guarantees maximum transparency and protection against UV rays, reducing the risk of degradation of the artworks.