A key requirement of the internal glass elements is that they are safety elements, i.e. the sheets must be assembled using an EVA interlayer. Unlike normal tempered glass, even in the event of breakage it does not break into splinters and fragments: this is due to the action of the EVA interlayer which intervenes by keeping the layers of glass that surround it together.
In this case, the table was created by interspersing the two glass panes with STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO; moreover, it is increasingly in vogue to furnish by choosing transparency so as not to make the space heavier and to give elegance and refinement. Its high transparency also reflects the light creating pleasant effects and contrasts that make the whole thing brighter.
But there are an infinite number of possible solutions in addition to the EXTRA CHIARO: in fact, it is possible to choose other colours or finishes such as BLACK, LIGHT, SATINATED, MILK or WHITE and add fabric inserts, metal netting, coloured films, etc..
With STRATO® you can create personalised furnishing elements without neglecting the aspect of safety.