STRATO® at one with nature for sustainable glamping experience abroad


Satinal, Italian Company leader in the manufacturing of glass interlayers, has partnered with Slovenian customers in providing STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO EVA interlayers for the lamination of mirrored glasses for new glamping pods

At one with nature, mirrored glass laminated with STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO EVA films created a seamless effect with the natural world. Environments that are fully immersed in nature to respect and preserve the harmony of lights and colors. The glamping pods are then designed to offer a unique and luxurious camping experience and made from high-quality materials.

STRATO® EVA laminated mirrored glasses have been used in the pods’ windows and doors in order to provide a number of benefits, including:

  • uniform strength, safety and security. The mirrored laminated glass is shatter-resistant, making it safer for guests;
  • enhanced thermal performance to keep the pods warm in the winter and cool in the summer;
  • UV protection, thanks to STRATO® EVA qualities;
  • increased noise reduction from outside, creating a more peaceful environment for guests;
  • astethics: to create a balanced combination of safe, secure, and comfortable environment for guests, while also enhancing the overall charme of the pods, keeping a completely bright, natural and neutral-looking milieu.


Pioneering EVA Film Production in Italy

Satinal Spa holds the title of being the first company in Italy to manufacture EVA film. They’ve become a leading supplier of these interlayers across Europe, all proudly made in Italy.


Precision is Key

Working with STRATO® EVA film demands meticulous attention to detail, particularly regarding the temperatures and durations used during the process. To ensure flawless adhesion between the film and the glass surface, Satinal’s R&D Lab conducts rigorous quality checks.


Masters of Material Potential

Satinal’s extensive experience in handling EVA-based materials allows them to unlock the full potential of these materials and maximize their functionalities.