This first quarter of 2020 has been quite an important time for Satinal, as it has announced the introduction of its most recent new product – STRATO® PLUS, developed entirely in-house and tested throughout 2019.

The R&D department of the Satinal has always been an essential component of the success of STRATO®. In fact, the DNA of the STRATO® brand has been built on the scientific background and know-how of Satinal’s technicians.

The Satinal’s goal is not only to make a Made in Italy EVA film that guarantees easy product tracing and consistent quality, but also to make it state-of-the-art.

A new thermosetting and transparent product

The S-Lab in-house laboratory is made up of a team of specialists who develop and evaluate new formulas to make high quality products, which can meet the changing needs of the market. As a result, Satinal has formulated a new thermosetting and transparent product, STRATO® PLUS: the Non-Plus-Ultra of EVA films for the architectural glass market.

Top quality, higher than any other product on the market, is the key feature of this new product. STRATO® PLUS meets the needs of customers identified during the production and marketing of the other products included in the STRATO® range.

During 2019, Satinal’s Research & Development department was dedicated to the formulation of this new product, as well as to its detailed technical evaluation in order to ensure its best performance on the market.


On one hand, STRATO® PLUS has a higher degree of smoothness and elasticity than STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO: this allows the customers to laminate special inserts such as LCD (Smart Glass), PET or fabrics without problems of distortions or air bubbles ensuring, at the same time, the highest degree of transparency even with low temperature lamination.

On the other hand, STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO is the most stiff EVA film on the market and is the perfect solution for applications that require high levels of stiffness and impact resistance.

The higher stiffness of STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO also minimizes the EVA leakage from the edges of the glass during the lamination process, allowing easier cleaning after lamination.

Noise reduction

STRATO® PLUS and STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO provide excellent noise reduction properties and, on request, Satinal shares the detailed sound performance data of laminated glass with STRATO® product range (obtained from certified external laboratories). They are both suitable for outdoor applications as well as for interior design, thanks to their resistance to UV rays and weathering, which can instead damage other products that are similar to STRATO® but with a lower quality, causing unwanted yellowing effects.

STRATO® PLUS has a UV cut of at 360 nm compared to the traditional STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO that blocks 100 per cent UV rays up to 385 nm. This feature allows to achieve a higher degree of clarity in order to satisfy the requirement of having a completely natural and neutral looking glass.

ISO 9001 certification

Another important goal for Satinal is the achievement of ISO 9001 certification which demonstrates its commitment to constantly guaranteeing the highest quality products on the market. Satinal started all the activities of standardization and finalisation of the in-house production processes in January 2020, with the aim of achieving the certification by the end of the year.

Satinal collects a sample of each item produced and delivered to customers in order to promptly check any problems encountered by the end user. This allows to make double quality checks and to establish the true causes of post-laminating problems should they occur. Furthermore, the strict quality controls during the production process ensure the provision of high-quality products in compliance with the standards required.

Colours, solar control and maximum widths

With the launch of STRATO® PLUS, in addition to the rest of the STRATO® colour range and STRATO® FRESCO – the first and only solar control EVA film on the market – Satinal confirms itself as the only company in the world that is able to produce and offer to the market a wide range of EVA film which can satisfy all customers needs and which can be used in different applications. STRATO® is also the only EVA film available with a maximum width of 2,600 mm (102 inches).

In the S-LAB department, Satinal develops technical tests related to processing methods, and testing of mechanical performances according to the reference standards, in addition to chemical studies and formulations of new products.

Collaboration with furnace manufacturers

With the help of TK’s consolidated experience in the construction of furnaces, Satinal has studied laminating cycles with specific temperatures and times, suitable for the whole STRATO® product range. As a consequence, STRATO® PLUS also follows well-established laminating recipes, but it has the peculiarity of being processed even at low temperatures, which are essential for the production of special products such as Smart Glass (LCD), ensuring a high level of transparency.

Satinal makes its know-how available to all customers and offers assistance to professionals in the glass sector, both in selecting the most suitable type of EVA film and in the laminating cycle to be applied.

In-house testing for customers

Satinal’s customers can also request to carry out tests in the in-house S-Lab, such as resistance to high temperatures and humidity, impact tests (according to the requirements of UNI EN ISO 12543, 12600, 356, etc.), light transmission tests, glass adhesion tests, cross-linking tests, etc.

These tests can be carried out on samples of laminated glass with STRATO® or with the addition of inserts, and they are useful for a first compatibility and resistance evaluation.

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