SATINAL – STRATO® EVA film for safety glass is the first brand in Europe by production capacity

STRATO®, with its range of Made in Italy interlayers, establishes itself as the major player on the European safety glass market


SATINAL – STRATO® Glass Interlayers approaches the new year with a positive signal: an investment in additional two innovative EVA film production lines to establish in Satinal the biggest European EVA film manufacture capacity Made in Italy.

This encouraging fact leads STRATO® Glass Interlayers to become the largest European market player, manufacturing the widest range of EVA interlayers for the many applications in the safety glass industry. Together with its technological leadership, STRATO® is now supported by a total of four production lines installed in an area of 5.000 square meters that make Satinal able to respond to the international market needs in shorter time and with increased flexibility.


Quality and innovation in laminated safety glass sector

The main factors that made this goal possible are the growing market share of Satinal in the laminated safety glass industry, the strategic availability of raw materials thanks to the entirely Made in Italy production and the resulting consolidated and high-quality standards of the whole product range; this resulted in a constant sales increase throughout 2020 and 2021, which led Satinal to acquire the market leadership in several strategic European countries and in the North and South American continents.

Furthermore, Satinal invests in the expansion of its internal R&D laboratory, S – Lab, with high end laboratory equipment to assess the results of both R&D activities and the constant premium quality of the in-house production.


STRATO® certified EVA film, processes and machinery for the glass industry: Satinal group

The whole STRATO® product range is based on a strict scientific approach and on a continuous improvement mentality. The higher the demand, the greater the production capacity that consequently leads to investments in research, development, quality control and customer service.

In addition to this, all the Satinal industrial production processes are certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.

Any customer interested in seeing and testing STRATO® Glass Interlayers solutions is welcome to visit Satinal factory in Italy: the only company in the world where you can see under one roof STRATO® EVA film production, an operating TK Chemical Tempering plant, TK Glass Machinery manufacture and the S-Lab R&D laboratory with a wide range of scientific and testing equipment for your laminated safety glass.

STRATO®’s goal? Customer satisfaction, always.