Is STRATO® suitable for making furniture?

A key requirement of the internal glass elements is that they are safety elements, i.e. the sheets must be assembled using an EVA interlayer. Unlike normal tempered glass, even in the event of breakage it does not break into splinters and fragments: this is due to the action of the EVA interlayer which intervenes by keeping the layers of glass that surround it together.



Can I have colored glass?

STRATO® interlayer is available in some basic colors, with which it is possible to create lighting effects and combinations with different materials.

We have two range of products:


  • STRATO® LATTE gives the glass a glossy,semi-opaque effect (light transmission 2%), allowing a glimpse of the shapes of objects. It captures and diffuses the light into the space, without creating reflections. STRATO® LATTE is the perfect solution for any product used in areas that require high light diffusion.
  • STRATO® BIANCO is a choice that never gets old and it gives a sense of brightness as well as amplifying the space. It guarantees uniform colour and coverage and it gives personality to the classic safety glass. STRATO® BIANCO is the best solution for designers who want to create bright, white, and opaque glass elements (light transmission 0%). STRATO® BIANCO ensures the maximum colour uniformity and UV shielding.
  • STRATO® NERO can give surprising effects, ensuring a sophisticated and unique touch. It also gives the glass a uniform coverage (light transmission 0%). Thanks to its exceptional coating, STRATO® NERO does not allow UV rays to pass through the glass, thus avoiding the fading of interior furnishings. It is perfect for functional furnishing elements, such as kitchen tops, doors and marble lamination.


  • STRATO® SATINATO makes the glass look very classy, refined and adaptable to any type of indoor or outdoor space and element. It also confers to the glass the classic veiled effect (light transmission 20-25%), meeting the need of privacy. STRATO® SATINATO allows daylight to cross naturally through the interiors of residential and commercial buildings, while at the same time safeguarding privacy. It is practical and suitable for any type of application.
  • STRATO® LEGGERO provides a veiled frosted effect, creating a product that can be integrated into any architectural project without affecting its style. STRATO® LEGGERO has been formulated to produce glass with a light frosted finishing (light transmission 60-65%).

STRATO® can be used in the realization of elements positioned both indoors and outdoors, can also be used as a decorative element while maintaining its main feature as an element of safety: offices, shops, restaurants can thus achieve an aesthetic, creative and special effect but always safe. Colors and materials inserted between STRATO® and glass can, indeed, create endless variations, games of drawings and particular visual effects.

Tissues, chain-link fences, organic dried materials, marble: they all are elements which can be used for decorations with glass and EVA interlayer. To verify the compatibility of a new material, everyone can ask for a test which will be made in our Satinal venue.

Many designers have used EVA interlayers to give a creative aspect to simple interior design elements, thanks to the insertion of multiple materials or lighting effects which can be obtained from the illumination of the final product.



What are the advantages of EVA film?

As a thermoset material, different from other thermoplastic interlayers available on the market, the chemical composition of the cross-linking EVA film allows the internal molecules to generate strong three-dimensional connections, thus ensuring an additional degree of protection for all architectural elements exposed to exceptional conditions, such as high temperatures, high humidity and extreme weathering conditions.

  • High transparency
  • High moisture resistance: EVA is more resistant to moisture than PVB at open edge. PVB suffers a high degree of delamination at open edge
  • Good sound insulation performance particularly in the higher frequency range compared with PVB. Given its high degree of soundproofing this is the ideal product for noisy areas.
  • High UV filtering: the 99% of UV filtering at 380nm wavelength is an indication of its suitability to protect from sun beams.
  • Lower processing costs: EVA laminated glass can be produced in convection (e.g. Lamijet Convection) or infrared lamination furnaces (e.g. Lamijet 04-2c); these furnaces are small and accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises. Processing with PVB film requires a special temperature-controlled chamber and the glass must then be processed in an autoclave, an expensive and large machine suitable for companies with large volumes.
  • Cross-linking rate > 94% (test result on STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO): EVA is thermally and mechanically stable, making it a material with a durability and stability well over any thermoplastic.
  • 3D Reticulation: can also reduce the number of layers in a tempered glass reaching a 50% reduction in manufacturing costs Vs an Autoclave.
  • Excellent compatibility with various insert media and easy lamination process with a wide variety of glass such as figured glass, tempered glass, curved glass, etc. as well as with inserted materials like fabrics, wood, perforated sheet metal and others
  • Good adhesion, strength, stability and physical properties to various kinds of substrates ranging from glass, metals to plastic films, etc.
  • Excellent durability against heat, moisture, UV, etc.
  • EVA is hydrophobic, has a three-dimensional cross-linked structure
  • It displays high long-term reliability also under severe conditions in outdoor uses
  • Easy handling, processing, high productivity and reliability
  • Good impact resistance over a wide temperature range /humidity /UV/ aging
  • Excellent durability and stable optical performance
  • Easy storage and handling
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What is STRATO® EVA film?

STRATO® is the most innovative range of EVA glass interlayers on the global market: it is a brand of SATINAL SPA. STRATO® EVA interlayers are used to manufacture laminated safety glass.  In architectural applications, EVA is mostly used in open-edge elements, not suffering delamination issues such as other kind of interlayers, giving the final applications a sense of lightness, simplicity and safety. Advanced types of EVA interlayers in the STRATO product range include solar control EVA film, EVA film with enhanced acoustic properties for better comfort, EVA films with variable UV transmission control and a wide range of colors suitable for outdoor applications to satisfy the needs of architectural and design elements.

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