Does STRATO® provide performance with respect to solar control and energy saving?

Satinal has developed STRATO® FRESCO, a new generation of high-performance EVA film using nanoparticle technology.

FRESCO is designed to give laminated glass more efficient solar heat control properties than monolithic transparent glass and laminates with traditional transparent EVA film: the film absorbs UV rays and infrared energy (NIR), allowing maximum visible light transmission.

The graphic clearly shows this concept: a laminated glass with EVA film without protection UV-IR (yellow line), has a high transmission of visible light but allows to pass both UV rays, very harmful to people and objects, and Infrared rays.

However, if we analyze the behavior of a laminated glass with one (blue line), two (line orange), or three films (grey line) of STRATO® FRESCO, you will notice that the value of the transmission of the visible light (max 80%), is opposite to that of the infrared rays (min. 5%).

These characteristics are very important because they let you recreate in buildings, houses and apartments, a comfortable indoor environment, especially during the summer season.

By reducing the use of air conditioning, you will get economic benefits: reduction of electricity costs and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions-.

STRATO® FRESCO can replace low-emission glass (Low-E) because it reduces heat transmission with the advantage of not having a delicate glass to handle: it represents a cheaper solution from a processing, handling and purchasing point of view.

What are the advantages?

  • Constantly high light transmission with tunable solar heat gain coefficient as low as 0.3
  • Color neutralit
  • Low haze
  • Low reflection of visible light
  • Significant and sustainable energy savings
  • Compatible with STRATO® Extra Chiaro System
  • Lowering your energy cost and CO2 footprint of your building and car, block solar heat radiation
  • It can be easily tuned by customer to any desired solar heat performance

Where can it be applied?

  • Suited for curved glass
  • Shelters
  • Curtain walls
  • Storefronts
  • Sloped/overhead glazing
  • Residential and commercial facades
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What are exterior end-use application of STRATO® EVA interlayers?

Laminated glass with STRATO® EVA is ideal for external applications. STRATO EVA interlayers—when properly laminated and installed—are certified to resist against humidity and water, UV radiation and any kind of weathering agent

Our EVA interlayers suit various outdoor end applications:

  • Curtain Wall
  • Storefront or commercial window
  • Street furniture and exterior structures
  • Windows

Meeting building codes and providing strength, sound reduction, solar control, visual beauty, and impact resistance for safety, security, and post-breakage performance are all attainable with laminated glass when using proper design. The multifunctional capabilities of STRATO interlayers can help meet changing guidelines and building safety codes.

In several years, laminated glass for impact resistance has demonstrated its protection capability. Now, thanks to STRATO interlayers, coupling that capability with sound control, color options, solar control enhancements, and security performance in a multifunctional glazing is not just easy to do—it’s a required option.

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What are the advantages of EVA film?

As a thermoset material, different from other thermoplastic interlayers available on the market, the chemical composition of the cross-linking EVA film allows the internal molecules to generate strong three-dimensional connections, thus ensuring an additional degree of protection for all architectural elements exposed to exceptional conditions, such as high temperatures, high humidity and extreme weathering conditions.

  • High transparency
  • High moisture resistance: EVA is more resistant to moisture than PVB at open edge. PVB suffers a high degree of delamination at open edge
  • Good sound insulation performance particularly in the higher frequency range compared with PVB. Given its high degree of soundproofing this is the ideal product for noisy areas.
  • High UV filtering: the 99% of UV filtering at 380nm wavelength is an indication of its suitability to protect from sun beams.
  • Lower processing costs: EVA laminated glass can be produced in convection (e.g. Lamijet Convection) or infrared lamination furnaces (e.g. Lamijet 04-2c); these furnaces are small and accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises. Processing with PVB film requires a special temperature-controlled chamber and the glass must then be processed in an autoclave, an expensive and large machine suitable for companies with large volumes.
  • Cross-linking rate > 94% (test result on STRATO® EXTRA CHIARO): EVA is thermally and mechanically stable, making it a material with a durability and stability well over any thermoplastic.
  • 3D Reticulation: can also reduce the number of layers in a tempered glass reaching a 50% reduction in manufacturing costs Vs an Autoclave.
  • Excellent compatibility with various insert media and easy lamination process with a wide variety of glass such as figured glass, tempered glass, curved glass, etc. as well as with inserted materials like fabrics, wood, perforated sheet metal and others
  • Good adhesion, strength, stability and physical properties to various kinds of substrates ranging from glass, metals to plastic films, etc.
  • Excellent durability against heat, moisture, UV, etc.
  • EVA is hydrophobic, has a three-dimensional cross-linked structure
  • It displays high long-term reliability also under severe conditions in outdoor uses
  • Easy handling, processing, high productivity and reliability
  • Good impact resistance over a wide temperature range /humidity /UV/ aging
  • Excellent durability and stable optical performance
  • Easy storage and handling
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